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Why choose 2% Realty

100% Real Estate Agent Services | 100% REALTOR.ca Exposure | 2% Commission
Over the years, house prices have been on the rise which means that REALTOR® commissions have also increased. With the advances in technology in the workplace, the job of a REALTOR® has rapidly evolved over the past 15 years, making the sales process much more efficient.

At 2% Realty, we believe that our flat rate of 2% commission is fair value for the REALTOR®’s work and time involved in each real estate transaction.
2% Realty Offers 100% Real Estate Agent Services

Full REALTOR.ca Exposure

Full REALTOR.ca exposure to the general public and all members of the Real Estate Board.

Comprehensive Marketing

Extensive marketing for maximum exposure of your property in multiple social media platforms and online at 2PercentRealty.ca.

Real Estate Agent Representation

Concise and professional completion of all paperwork relating to the sale and or purchase of your property

In-Home Consultation

A Free, 2% Realty consultation to clearly understand your expectations, requirements, budget, and timeline.