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Selling FAQ

Home Improvements

You’ll want to choose home improvements that not only pay off in recovery of the money you spend, but also help you get a better price for your home when and if you sell it.

First piece of advice is don’t renovate a part of your home, simply for the purpose of selling. You are incurring a huge risk here. The housing market can be volatile, and you never know which amenities are going to pay-off.

If you renovate for yourself, you at least know you will get value simply by the enjoyment of the change. Your potential buyer may walk into the improved room, declare they don’t like it, and then change it immediately. Minor cosmetic changes are fast, inexpensive and there is little risk. If you know that you will be living in a home for some time, but you also know that in the future you’ll be selling it try and balance home improvements that will pay-off the most and which ones you would most like to enjoy.

Buyer Appealing Home Improvements

Basement Remodel
Bathroom Addition
Kitchen Remodel (minor or major)
Bathroom Remodel
Exterior Paint
Master Bedroom

Home Inspection Considerations

Damp or Wet Basement
Damp Attic Spaces
Roofing Problems
Rotting Wood
Masonry Work
Inadequate Wiring and Electrical Systems
Unsafe or Over Fused Electrical Circuits
Poor Heating and Cooling Systems
Adequate Security Features
Structural/Foundation Problems

Mistakes To Avoid

1: Setting the wrong price for your home
2: Selling your home in ‘As-Is’ condition
3: Selling your home with a dull interior
4: No ‘love at first sight’
5: Over-improving your home
6: Giving buyer financing incentives
7: Stretching out buyer negotiations
8: Approach negotiations positively
9: Not having a presentable house
10: Selling without a professional

General Home Selling Tips

1. Understand why you are selling your home
2. Keep the reason(s) you are selling to yourself
3. Before setting a price – do your homework
4. Setting your home’s sale price
5. When getting an appraisal is a benefit
6. Deciding upon a real estate agent
7. Ensure you have room to negotiate
8. Appearances do matter – make them count!
9. Invite the honest opinions of others
10. Deal killer odours – must go!
11. Keep Emotions in check during negotiations
12. Learn why your buyer is motivated
13. Know what the buyer Can really pay
14. Know when the buyer would like to close
15. Never sign a deal on your next home until you sell your current home
16. Ensure the contract is complete
17. Resist deviating from the contract

Tips For Selling Your House Yourself

1. Price it right
2. Prepare your home for sale
3. Prepare yourself with all necessary legal documentation
4. Market your home effectively
5. Remain calm and cool during a showing of your home
6. Pre-qualify your prospects
7. Negotiate effectively & knowledgeably
8. Know your buyer
9. Don’t move out before you sell
10. Know why You’re selling and keep it to yourself